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Pizza For Everyone! - Crust Styles

Roman Style (Pinsa)

What Is Roman Style Pinsa?
Pinsa (pronounced "peen-sa") is a style of hand-pressed pizza dough that has been a part of Roman artisan baking and cooking for over 100 years. This pizza is light and thinner so even with 10 slices it eats like a Medium.

Pinsa Differences from regular pizza dough.
-Made from all-purpose flour
-Most commonly served in an oval shape
-Fermentation for pinsa ranges from 48 to 72 hours
-The dough uses more water than standard pizza dough
-Thinner and lighter in texture

Our Roman Pizzas are made with our Sweet Crushed Tomtato Sauce and Prov/Mozz blend unless otherwise specified or if its a Specialty Pizza recipe.



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