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Pizza Points Rewards Progam is ALL NEW!

Master Pizza Lovers,

We are excited to announce we've updated our Pizza Points Program! The software has been completely updated to make it totally automated, integrated and easier to use. NOW you can earn Pizza Points Online, in Each Location, over the Phone and on your Master Pizza App! 

We've eliminated the infamous “Green Tickets” and now you will automatically receive 1 Pizza Point for every $1.00 you spend.  When you reach your goal of 100 Pizza Points you'll automatically receive a coupon for a FREE LARGE 16” 1 TOPPING PIZZA in your account!  We will also have bonus point offers from time to time!

Sign up is easy, and if you were already a member it's SUPER easy - just click any of the following links and create a new account:  If you already have an online or app ordering account please skip this section and scroll down to the "HOW TO Activate your current online or app account Pizza Points Rewards" below.


Click Here for Online     Click Here for Apple     Click Here for Android

Once you sign up to the new system your points will automatically update & your rewards will be usable. They are actually already in the database waiting for you, they have been transferred to your new account and have been adjusted so that every 10 Pizza Points you had is now 1 NEW Pizza Point. When you login you will see a new icon that says “My Rewards” in the online ordering platform, and the Master Pizza App for your iPhone or Droid phone. Simply click the “My Rewards” icon to see how many Pizza Points you have and see your rewards!  When you have a reward you'd like to use, just enter the applicable food item(s) you'd like to order, go to the "My Rewards" section, and click the coupon you'd like to redeem! It's that easy! If you are calling in please just let the Master Pizza team member know that you're a Pizza Points member and you have a reward you'd like to use.

 If you were not already a rewards member but would like to sign up, just go online or to the apps and create an account or just ask your Master Pizza team member to add you right on the spot next time you call or are in the store!

HOW TO Activate your current online or app account with Pizza Points Rewards! Use these instructions to activate Pizza Points on your current online or app account. This will work if you did OR did not already have a pizza points account, if you did your points & rewards will auto populate.

 Thank you,

Jeremy Galvin

If you have any questions or problems please contact us at

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