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Detroit Story 2

Detroit Story 2
September 5, 2016

Not all rectangular pizzas were created equal...

Sure, you have seen some pizzas that look "similar" around here but, NO ONE in NEO has ever served an all out Detroit Style pizza like this! This pizza was about a year in the making with help and inspiration from some of the best Certified Pizzaiolo's in the world. Thanks guys, you know who you are! 

We started working on our Detroit style pizza in the beginning of December 2016, we teased you a bit in February with some pics, but we still had work to do.  We knew we wanted to bring a legit Detroit style crust to Cleveland. Since no one has brought a Detroit to CLE yet we wanted to make sure we went ALL-IN and did this without any cheats. It took time to put together a prodcedure to make sure this pizza is amazing and perfect at every store.

The BIG challenges were the crust and the sauce.

The crust on a Detroit style pizza is amazingly crunchy, buttery & lite. When done right, it should have an awesome crunch on the outside without falling apart, or little pieces falling all over the place, making a mess. Then on the inside, the cell structure should be medium sized, making it soft, fluffy & airy. This comes from a pain-staking 30 dough process, which is definitly a labor of love. Check out this beauty!

The sauce was also tricky and EXTREMELY important. There are sauces that could work that come right out of a can & they are pretty good. But we didn't want to take the easy way out, we wanted to make this really special, something that couldn't be duplicated. A legit detroit sauce should be very simple, not many ingredients, the focus is meant to be on the freshness and flavor of the Tomato. So, that means no carrots or a bunch of sugar to sweeten it up, no onion or garlic to add extra flavors, IT'S ALL ABOUT THE TOMATO. Again, we called on some of the best pizza makers in the world for some sound advice. After some serious work using multiple tomato bases and blends of just a few ingredients, we hit the mark, dead on. The 26th version was THE ONE! Yep 26... This sauce is so smooth and fresh tomato tasting it will knock your socks off!  We hope you love it as much as we do!

~Master Pizza Team


December 30, 2017 @ 8:51 PM EST
By Barbara Mays
I think I've found the pizza that I have been looking for all my life smh can't wait to meet you pizza
December 29, 2017 @ 5:19 AM EST
By Marc.
I live in, North Olmsted Ohio - 44070 How would I go about getting one of these pizzas thank you for reading.
December 2, 2017 @ 12:21 PM EST
By Phil Magro
Best pizza I ever had, can not wait to order another

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