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About Pizza Points

Here is how the program works!  Earn 1 Pizza Point for every $1 you spend.  Every 100 Pizza Points you earn, you will recieve a FREE LARGE 1 TOPPING PIZZA in your Rewards center!  All types of orders will qualify for Pizza Points.  It is very simple to start and simple to use!


If you had an old Pizza Points account and have NOT ordered online before using the same email you will need to register for a new online account at the link below, use the same email address as your old Pizza Points account and your points will transfer at the 10 to 1 ratio and you'll automatically be rewarded a Free Large 1-Topping pizza for every 100 new points.  Register for a new online ordering account by clicking HERE and you will be automatically enrolled and your old points will populate and rewards for each 100 points pending will be awarded.

If you DID HAVE an online ordering account before the new Pizza Points went active please click the help link below to activate Pizza Points on your current account. Once you are active click the "My Reward Account" tab to view your available rewards and current point status. HELP ACTIVATING PIZZA POINTS


  1. Download our Master Pizza App from the App store.
    -If you use an iPhone, CLICK HERE
    -If you use an Android Phone, CLICK HERE
  2. Create an account through the App.  
  3. Click "My Rewards" to redeem or to check your current point status.

On the phone or in-store

Ask your Pizza Specialist and or Server to be added to the Pizza Points Program. They will ask for your FIRST and LAST NAME, PHONE NUMBER and EMAIL ADDRESS.  If you are not seeing points accrue after each order please make sure the store has your account activated at the store level by asking your Pizza Specialist to double check.  If you are missing points from a previous order because it was not automatically activated please let us know on the HELP PAGE and we will take care of your point balance immediatly.




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