And The Winner Is.......!

Well if you haven't heard, our time on Hulu's "Best In Dough" went very well!  Our episode was called "Best in the Midwest" which had Chicago Deep Dish, Detroit Style Pizza and Cleveland Style Pizza facing off!   I wanted to use this opportunity to introduce our region's style of pizza to millions of viewers across the world!  It was a big risk to compete against 2 very popular and well liked styles of pizza, but we did it and we were confident that we would represent Cleveland well!
I made our "Old World Pepperoni & Sausage" pizza that we serve daily at Master Pizza.  I wanted to show millions of people that Cleveland has our own unique style of pizza that can stand up to every other style!  Cleveland Style Pizza is formed and baked in a round pan.  The dough is more of a bread recipe than a pizza dough recipe that is crunchy on the bottom and soft and fluffy inside.  Crust is crimped and looks like a pie crust.  Sauce is heartier and has much more herbs and spices.  Provolone cheese is used which is very unique to Cleveland Style Pizza.  Toppings are loaded edge to edge.

Old World Pepperoni & Sausage Pizza

So, when it was all said and done, and after the judges made their decisions, Cleveland Style Pizza stood proud and took him the Grand Prize of $10,000 and Best in the Midwest!  We have something special planned for the prize money....stay tuned!  It was an incredible feeling to win and more importantly to know that Cleveland Style Pizza is now on the pizza map!  

So come celebrate with us and try the Award Winning "Old World Pepperoni & Sausage Pizza" ASAP!  We are offering $3 OFF A MEDIUM SIZE when you order the Award Winning Pie! Mention this offer when ordering or look for the offer on our "Deals" page when ordering online.