Let Me Introduce You To Master Pizza!

Welcome to The Master Pizza Blog!

My name is Michael P. LaMarca, I am the Owner/CEO of Master Pizza, 5X National Pizza Champion, 1X International Pizza Champion and the Captain of the United States Pizza Team.  I am also a current Board of Director at the Ohio Restaurant Association.  I want to personally welcome you to the Master Pizza Blog!

Michael P. LaMarca tossing some dough at Stone Henge.

Master Pizza has been around since the late 1950's, to early 1960's.  It was the first dominate pizza chain in the Cleveland area.  At its pinnacle, there were around 40 locations throughout Cleveland, Ohio.  We will dive deep into the unique history of this company and its rebirth in the year 2000!

This Blog will be much more than a blog about pizza, an awesome pizza company and its team.  This blog will take you all around the world with me as we discover different styles of pizzas, new ingredients and exciting pizza experiences!  Sit along side the United States Pizza Team and me as we travel around the United States and the World on many exciting pizza adventures!  You will also have a front row seat to all the pizza competitions as we go competing against the best pizza makers on the planet!  

Michael P. LaMarca competing at the World Pizza Championships in Shanghai, China.

We will share the stories of how each specialty pizza on our menu was created and also see where we get our inspiration for the ingredients we use, for the pizzas we make and for the complete menu we create.  You will learn what makes theses ingredients unique, where they are produced and what makes them the best!

So sit back, order a pizza, and get ready as we deliver some amazing stories, history and adventures that you could never have imagined a pizza maker and a pizza company could ever serve up!

More to Come!!

Michael P. LaMarca